Get Your Fill of "The Walking Dead"

Learn more about the early career of Lennie James, check out candid behind-the-scenes photos, and take a look at "The Walking Dead" stars then and now.

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9 Things to Know About 'Incredibles 2'

Learn more about how animators and creators brought to life Pixar's latest movie, which follows Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack Parr right after the events of the original.

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Claire Foy in Focus

Celebrate Claire Foy's birthday with a look back at her career on and off the screen.

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What Becomes a B-Movie Legend Most?

Horror icon Bruce Campbell explains step-by-step what it takes to become a B-movie legend.

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Thanos is getting a little extra help taking on the Avengers. Carrie Coon will play Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinity War, directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed in an interview with Radio Times. The character is a member of the Black Order, a group of ruthless aliens that serve Thanos in his villainous quest. She is arguably the most most... See more »

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Every Character Confirmed for 'Avengers: Infinity War'

More than 70 characters are set to do battle in Avengers: Infinity War. Here are the superheroes we know will go help fight the villainous Thanos

Avengers, assemble!

The Best Biopic Lookalikes

Along with Rami Malek's anticipated performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, we've rounded up some of the best biopic lookalikes. Check out more stars in real-life roles.

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Stream Trending Movies With Prime Video

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream with Prime Video.

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